Our First Shot at Back to School Excitement

I’m not sure if this is the only time I’ll say this, but in our house right now we’re nearly (very, very nearly) as excited as we get around Christmas. Because this September, our biggest girl heads off (at least during the days) to begin her schooling adventure. Yes, we’re excited about back to school.

This is the first time I can remember welcoming the back to school commercials, the first time I can remember happily opening my wallet for dresses and the first I can remember having a little girl ask me every morning if “school starts today.”

Our most recent excitement boost came courtesy of a much too big blue backpack (“blue’s my favourite colour, Daddy”) that Leah is already filling with books and stuffed animals and empty lunch containers. “It’s my backpack for when I go to school Daddy,” she tells me day after day with a big smile on her face. Soon enough it will be packed with real school supplies and we’ll drop her off at school and all of us will cry except for her.

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Being a Dad Who Cries

There’s nothing in my eyes, those are tears

I’m a guy who cries. A lot.

I haven’t always cried a lot. there was a time when I was a teenager and maybe even in my early 20s where I’d at most have been a semi-frequent tear shedder. I did cry at movies that had particularly moving parent and child moments or when dogs lost their lives. Eight Below is still the worst movie I’ve ever seen for just that reason.

Physical pain wasn’t, and still isn’t, a big instigator of tears. I can suffer an injury or run silly distances without shedding tears. But if someone tells me the burn on my arm reminds me of their child, you’d best have a tissue ready.

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On Looking Ahead

I love being a Dad. Snuggling with my little ones is probably my favourite pastime these days, especially with the advance knowledge that they won’t want to do that forever. I can’t believe how fast they are growing up and how quickly their minds and abilities are evolving, but, I have to admit, contrary to how I thought I would feel about their rate of growth, I’m kind of excited about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t want them to turn into teenagers tomorrow. I love all the amazing moments and “firsts” that come with raising toddlers, but every now and then I see a Dad on his way to his son’s hockey practice or daughter’s dance recital and proudly think, “Someday that’ll be me”.

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Which Star Did I Wish On? Daddy and Daughter Dates

It’s been nearly three and a half years since the birth of our first daughter and I’m only realizing now that I don’t date enough. The kind of date where you spend all your attention on the person whose hand you’re holding. Where you don’t hear anyone else’s voice and where time flies but you want it to go on forever.

A date where your wife waits patiently at home and gives you a big kiss when you pull into the driveway and carry your girl across the threshold of the house.

I need to go on more dates with my daughters. In three years plus, what I’ve realized more than anything is that kids grow up fast. Much too fast for my comfort. For the first year or so of my oldest daughter’s life, I spent more time trying to figure out how to properly change a bum and how to hold a child like a human not like a sack of potatoes. Then by the time I truly started to feel good at being a dad, we had our second child and everything just got busy.

Now I feel good again and I’m looking to get back into the dating scene. And spending as much time around my daughters as I do, they seem like a great catch. I think spending one on one time with your children is one of the best ways to build bonds with them. This goes for both moms and dads. It’s easy math (and trust me I’m not good at math) that when you’re alone with one child, you have more attention to give them.

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90 Minutes of No Phone

“Daddy, can I play a game on your ’puter?”

We’ll hear this at least once a day from our oldest daughter. What it means is “Daddy, can I play on your iPad for a bit because I’m just three and already have a bit of an addiction.”The reason for this addiction is in part because her parents, us, are addicted to their gadgetry. It’s far easier for us to pick up our phones and pretend we’re so important that people must be emailing us at all minutes of the day than it is to admit we can go hours without anyone really needing us. This doesn’t make us bad patents, it makes us parents in an uber-digital age. Read more →

Introduction and Balance

Hello there and thank you for stopping by to read my contribution to the CHEO Parenting Blog for Moms and Dads.  I hope that by sharing my experiences and advice will be able to both inform and entertain you.  I started writing about two years ago on and off as a way for me to get my thoughts out in the open as I was learning and dealing with being a father of a child on the Autism Spectrum.  As time went on I starting to come to the realization that I wasn’t the only father out there seeking information and advice and have come to discover through different types of social media there is plenty of help out there.  So now I spend most of my writing time celebrating the joy that my children have brought into my life and the lessons I have learned (and will continue to learn) along the way.

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