Back to School and Food

So the common trend over the past little while on this blog has been about food.  I figured I might as well jump into this topic as well with a slight twist on school.  So as we all know school has started and all of the kids are getting back into the routine of getting up and spending their days at school.  My two kids have made the adjustment fairly well and this year they are both in the same school together which has gone great so far.

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The Family Dining Table, or Where Pigs Eat

We’re currently going through our second, and final, instance of teaching a child how to eat food. For the whole of my life (at least the parts I can recall) I’ve known how to eat food, so with child number one I found the whole idea of ‘teaching a human to eat’ quite interesting.

It shouldn’t bend one’s mind to think that children don’t come out of the womb ready to knock back bacon cheeseburgers like I currently do when my wife is away. It’s nevertheless puzzling though to watch your child be presented with wheat cereal and to be met with eyes that suggested you were teaching her to tightrope across Niagara Falls.

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The Oxymoron That Is Sugar Free Icing Sugar

Not long before my daughter was diagnosed a Type 1 Diabetic my girlfriend and I had signed up for a cake decorating class at Michaels. For the first class I brought in my first failed cake, which I’ll enlighten you about at a later date, and regular homemade buttercream icing. At the end of the class I asked the instructor if she had ever heard of sugar free icing sugar. She looked at me sort of cock eyed at first but after I explained my situation she gave me some great starting points for research on the Internet. Home I went thinking “awesome, I’ll have this figured out in no time!”.  How wrong I was!

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To Hide, Or Not To Hide? Getting Your Child to Eat Their Veggies

My toddler isn’t a fan of vegetables these days. Sure there are a few that he will eat, but there are only so many times a week that you can serve him steamed carrots before he refuses to eat them. Our house has had its fair share of vegetable-induced meltdowns. Tired of struggling over mealtime, I turned to hiding vegetables in his meals in order to make sure that he was getting enough nutrients. I had been successfully hiding vegetables for a while when my mother cautioned: “you know, so and so’s mother used to do that and now he’s a very picky eater.”

Now, what I should have done is taken that advice with a grain of salt – my dear mother raised the pickiest of eaters on years of boiled veggies that were never hidden. But what I did do was worry: what if I allow my son to slowly become another obesity statistic? So, like most modern parents, I took to the internet for advice and soon realized that this seemingly inconspicuous issue was actually quite polarizing. While there were parents that swore by the practice, recommending The Sneaky Chef recipes, there were others who thought that it was the worst parenting mistake one could make.

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4 Tips on Keeping Your Kids Safe from Allergens at School


It is not a secret. Allergies can be deadly and peanut allergies are more common than we think. There is a reason doctors recommend no peanut products for children until a certain age.

More and more schools are starting to get on board with making their buildings peanut free. I hear people complain about this and I get it. At the same time though schools are to be safe zones for all children. This means that when there are children with severe allergies to peanuts the school should be peanut free or at the very least that childs classroom. They have a right to go to school without worrying.

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