Does Playing Sports Equal Emptying Your Wallet?

Growing up as a kid, I wasn’t enrolled in sports that I can remember.  I don’t really remember wanting to be, other than dance, and it was too expensive for my family at that time. I recall my brother wanting to play hockey and same story. I don’t think I lacked growing up because of that, but my family just really wasn’t sporty either and it never really seemed to bother me too much.

Now that I am a parent myself, and my daughter is of the age where she is interested in joining teams and playing sports, I am seeing the same reasoning that my parents did with us. The cost.

We enrolled my daughter in a 6 week dance program when she was 4. She loved it! I of course was thrilled at this, since I had wanted to do dance when I was younger and couldn’t.

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Playing Tourist in Your Own City

With spring just around the corner, I am already trying to plan out the summer with the kids. There were many days last year when I woke up and wondered what to do with the boys. We spend endless hours (or so it seems) outside playing in the backyard, going on a bike ride or taking a walk. Sometimes, though – I need a change. While I would love to take them away for a long weekend – money just isn’t there for that. Instead of going away and sight seeing in another town, we played tourist at home!

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Capturing Family Memories

Some of my favorite family memories are spending time enjoying the Winterlude festivities put on every year. My parents used to take us out of school for one day, we would head down to Jacques Cartier Park for the snow slides and then cross the bridge back to Ottawa and enjoy a skate on the canal, a beavertail and checking out the ice sculptures at Dow’s Lake.

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My Tiny Two Year Old


I’m five feet tall and my husband is maybe 5’7”. When I was pregnant, we joked with our friends and family that our child was never going to be in the back row in school photos.

You’d think we would have been prepared for it.

When my daughter was born, she weighed 6 pounds & 9 ounces. She was perfect. When it came time to dress her for the first time, we realized that the newborn clothes we had purchased were way too big. Even the one outfit we accidently shrunk the week before I gave birth. My husband quickly headed out to buy some smaller clothes, which ended up being size preemie. Even then, we didn’t really think too much about it, we were busy falling in love.

We felt crushed

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Stanley’s Christmas Village

There’s something new to do with the kids, in Ottawa, this Christmas season! This weekend, I took my family to the opening of the Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Christmas Village and we all had a great time.

Upon arrival at the Christmas Village, you are met by a real Elf, who then leads you on a magical horse drawn wagon ride through the colourfully lit woods, to the Elf Outpost. There you are met by more Elves, who escort through the village and share their Christmas songs and games.

My kids especially loved the C.E.O.’s (Chief Elf Officer) Station, where they gather all the local mail for Santa and route it to the proper outpost. You can even bring your letters for Santa to be placed in the appropriate slots. On top of this, there are also other areas to see, such as the Candy Cane Daycare and Herme’s Dental Office.

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