Blue Sea Lake Never Leaves My Heart

Growing up, one of the best things in my life was summer break. Yes, for all the reasons a kid might like that time of the year – no school, no tests, no homework.

But I had another reason. Each summer, I would spend time at my godparent’s cottage in Messines, Quebec with their sons and extended family. They have two cottages side by side on Blue Sea Lake and lots of family nearby to drop in for an early morning coffee or lunch. I loved it! Coming from a large family, it was fun to get some time “alone”, but I also thrived on all of the excitement of the cottage and the setting couldn’t be nicer, with clear and clean water nestled within a border of thick trees and quaint cottages.

In the weeks and days leading up to departure, I would make a “master list” of what I wanted to do while I was there – go for a swim and a boat ride, walk around the circle, have a bonfire, visit the island. The list was always flexible though. Because you never knew who would show up to this family cottage and what adventure you might have day to day – treasure hunts, building a teepee, going on long bike rides to the village. It was idyllic.

This year, for the second time, I brought my daughter, almost three. I was a little nervous about what my little city-slicker would think about the cottage. What if she didn’t like it? What if I had to drive home early because she couldn’t sleep there? But to my joy, she loved it. Granted, she did cry at bedtime, the first two nights, “I want to go hooommmmeeee!” But by the time we were to head back to Ottawa, she was begging to stay longer.

She splashed in the shallow water, dug in the sand, inspected leaves and shells. It was amazing to watch her enjoy the cottage, as I always did, but in her own way.  As my godmother and her mother gave us the “cottage wave” on our way down the long driveway, not stopping until we had completely cleared the right turn onto the road, I was sad to go, as always, but enthusiastic about all the memories my daughter and I will create there. Memories that will follow some of the most beautiful from my own childhood.


Samantha lives in Stittsville with her husband, Jon, and their daughter, Mary. Samantha works full-time for the federal government and also enjoys writing part-time. She is a contributing writer for Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine and Ottawa West End Living.