Christmas Eve Traditions

christmas eve

Every December we load up the kids in my hubby’s truck, go through the Drive Thru at Tim Hortons to pick up Hot Chocolate and Tim Bits, and then make our way to Orleans to drive down Taffy Lane.  We all love seeing the street that is lit up with lights and decorations covering lawns.

After we have driven through (normally twice to make sure we saw everything) we take a quick drive around a few other streets and then make our way downtown to see the tree’s that are lit up.

Christmas Eve we spend the evening at my mothers’ house with my family, and then we make our way home and get the cookies and milk ready for Santa.  Mr. J’s first Christmas he received a gift from his God-Mother – it was a set of plates and a mug for Santa.

Once the plates and mug are set up on a table near the tree, we pull out T’was the Night before Christmas and I read it to the boys.  When it is done, we place the book with the treats and leave it out – every year, Santa leaves a message for the boys (this was a tradition that we had in my house growing up, and I made sure to continue it with our children)

On Christmas morning, the boys come and get us when they wake up and we make our way downstairs to the tree.  They check to see what Santa wrote, and then we open our stockings.

Once the gifts have been opened, I make breakfast (scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh baked croissants, fruit tray and orange juice).

Hubby and the kids get the toys set up and enjoy their gifts!

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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  • Until I moved out of the house (at 23!) my brother and I would have to sit at the top of the stairs while my parents took a picture of us. Then and only then could we see what Santa brought. I’ll have to go looking for some of those pictures.

    Besos Sarah
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    • ashley picco

      that’s an awesome tradition!