My Daycare Nightmare

I have had an interesting month! After a few weeks of feeling like I finally “had it all together”, at the end of April, my daycare provider, who I mentioned in my last post “My Daughter/My Teacher” ( gave us a month’s notice that she would be closing her daycare. She was a great provider, but her husband’s business was taking off and as a result, they were both working 10-13 hour days – which didn’t leave much time for their own two children. She explained that because of their hours she couldn’t even sign her son up for soccer. She wanted to close the daycare in order to help her husband with his business and also to focus on her own kids. I felt bad for her, but I also immediately felt the mounting stress of having to find a new daycare provider within the month. Just juggling my jam-packed workday with my responsibilities to Mary, my husband, and my home were enough to keep me busy. No need to add any new items to my agenda!

My husband took the news even worse than I did. He immediately began researching new daycare providers and worrying about the situation – what if we couldn’t find anyone suitable? We decided that for our own peace of mind that we would go with a daycare centre this time. With a team of staff, parents don’t have to worry about the provider closing for a day. This was a major issue for us over the winter as my husband and in-laws had to juggle taking care of Mary on days that our provider had to close the daycare due to illness. Since I was newly back to work with a demanding job, I didn’t feel that I was in the position to miss work at a moment’s notice.

Our speedy research on Friday night following our provider’s announcement led us to Imagination Station, a preschool in Kanata. We were able to touch base with the Director on Saturday (she keeps her work cell with her at all times!) and schedule an appointment for Monday evening. By Tuesday morning, we had signed with the preschool. It was a whirlwind between finding out the news on Friday and settling on a new arrangement Monday, but we feel very confident in our choice. It’s an amazing facility with an awesome program that I think will help Mary greatly in developing her knowledge and abilities. As an added bonus, one of Mary’s “friends from birth” and daycare buddy, Liam, also signed up at the preschool after the home daycare closed. Mary will have some consistency in that respect, which made us feel even better.

It’s amazing how drastically our little world changed in only a weekend. There was a gap period between our home daycare closing and Mary starting at Imagination Station, so stay tuned for my next blog post, “My week as a stay-at-home mom”. J

Have any of you had any “daycare nightmares”?

Samantha lives in Stittsville with her husband, Jon, and their daughter, Mary. Samantha works full-time for the federal government and also enjoys writing part-time. She is a contributing writer for Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine and Ottawa West End Living.

  • ashley picco

    glad you found something quickly! No daycare nightmares for us. I only worked part time from when ODS was 15mths – 3 yrs. My mom and MIL alternated care for him. He was in nursery school, and they were fantastic.