Capturing Family Memories

Some of my favorite family memories are spending time enjoying the Winterlude festivities put on every year. My parents used to take us out of school for one day, we would head down to Jacques Cartier Park for the snow slides and then cross the bridge back to Ottawa and enjoy a skate on the canal, a beavertail and checking out the ice sculptures at Dow’s Lake.

This is a tradition that my brother and I both remember, and one that I have somewhat kept up with my own children. Even though I haven’t been on skates in almost 20 years, we still visit the Canal. Every year we head downtown for a walk on the canal, we scope out the sculptures at Confederation Park and grab a beavertail and then head back home.

This year, since Mr. J is learning to skate I will probably bring his skates with us and let him have a quick skate around the canal.

I only hope that when my children grow up, they think back to these times as fondly as I do.

What about you? Do you take part in Winterlude? What’s your favorite event?

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