Playing Tourist in Your Own City

With spring just around the corner, I am already trying to plan out the summer with the kids. There were many days last year when I woke up and wondered what to do with the boys. We spend endless hours (or so it seems) outside playing in the backyard, going on a bike ride or taking a walk. Sometimes, though – I need a change. While I would love to take them away for a long weekend – money just isn’t there for that. Instead of going away and sight seeing in another town, we played tourist at home!

We parked at Rideau Centre and then walked outside – we had our picture taken with some parrots outside the Chateau Laurier; walked over to Parliament Hill and watched the changing of the guard. When that was over, we had our picture taken with one of the guards. Afterwards, we walked through Major’s Hill Park and stopped for a quick picnic of sandwiches and granola bars, and ended the day by getting a Beaver Tail in the market.

It was a really nice day to spend together, and relatively cheap. We were able to spend a few hours together, outside getting exercise AND fresh air! It was a relatively cheap afternoon (we did have to pay for the beaver tails and picture)

How about you – have you ever played tourist at home? What are some of your favorite ways to spend a summer day?

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