Kids Music

Lately I’ve had several discussions with parents about appropriate music that they can listen to with their kids. The current music scene is filled with Top 40 hits that have very suggestive lyrics that are inappropriate for kids to be listening to let alone singing along to, but the dilemma always remains, ‘what is the happy music medium between music loving kids and their parents’ (especially when they’ve outgrown their Wiggles years?)

It’s a tough battle but here are some suggestions that may bring peace to the never-ending music battle between kids and their parents.

Juicebox (Bell Media)

Juicebox is a music video channel devoted entirely to kids. It features parent-approved videos from today’s biggest stars, 24-7.

It’s perfect for the music loving kids and it’s an option that parents can feel completely comfortable letting their kids watch…the best part is that all the videos are approved by a committee made up entire of parents. Just an example of music you’ll find? Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, On Direction, Taylor Swift, Owl City, Carly Rae Jepsen, Veronica, K’Naan, The Wanted and Cody Cimpson.

Juicebox is available across the country, including Bell TV (CH 578) and Rogers (CH 707). And if you’re on the road, the same kid-safe videos can be viewed online at

And here are some stand-out albums that both my two kids love listening to and it doesn’t make me crazy after hearing it for the third time…

Family Time by Ziggy Marley

B is For Bob by Bob Marley

Snack Time by the Barenaked Ladies

For The Kids (various artists)

For The Kids Too (various artists)

For The Kids Three (various artists)

Here Comes Science by They Might Be Giants

No! by They Might Be Giants

Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies for the film Curious George by Jack Johnson

Make Your Mark: Ultimate Playlist (various artists)

Disney Fairies: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust (various artists)

Camp Rock (various artists)

Camp Rock 2 (various artists)

Hannah Montana: The Movie (various artists)

Jonas L.A. by Jonas Brothers

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