Outdoor Summer Fun


We love to spend as much time outdoors as we can in the summer.  To make sure it stays fun for everyone, I make sure to do a few things:

1)     Sunscreen – I like to use Green Beaver. Not only is it natural ingredients, it is local to Hawkesbury, Ontario.  A little thick/greasy – so be sure to really knead the tube before using.

2)     Stay hydrated – whenever we go out, I make sure to have a drink for each of us. If I think we will be out for a long time, I use the large contigo water bottles from Costco.  I also try and bring snacks so that they don’t get hungry (cut up fruit, crackers, granola bars – items that won’t spoil)

3)     Shade – I try and make sure that there is somewhere to get out of the sun for a few minutes at least.

4)     Bug spray – Mr. J reacts VERY badly to bug bites (the area will swell to the size of a tennis ball sometimes), so while I am not a fan of using chemicals, this is one area I have to cave with. We have not had luck with the natural sprays, so we use OFF.

5)     FUN – we try and make sure that wherever we are going will hold the interest of both boys. It’s not fun if someone isn’t happy and complaining the whole time.

One of our favourite activities is digging roads and building volcanoes in the sand at the park. We also really enjoy going to my aunt’s cottage, or spending the afternoon with family at their pool.

What are your favourite summer activities?

My name is Ashley, I am an Ottawa born and raised, 30 something woman, wife and mother of 2 rambunctious boys. You can find me blogging about life with my crazy boys a talesofmommyhood.com.